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* Do you know what the DNS cache is?

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DNS cache is a mechanism that stores data from past DNS lookups. The information kept in this storage includes the different DNS records and the IP address for a domain name. They are temporary copies of the original data. The DNS cache stores them for the time estimated by the TTL (Time-To-Live) value. Once the TTL expires, the DNS resolver will have to perform a new DNS lookup to resolve the domain name.

If you need to flush the DNS cache, you are able to do it easily. However, that way, you will delete all of the data with the DNS records. Note that you have to clear both the local cache in your OS and the web browser. The reason is that they both hold different caches.
Flushing the DNS cache could be helpful in case you have a suspicion of DNS poisoning. If there is a compromised DNS record in the DNS cache, you can eliminate it by deleting it.

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